TPS3808G33DBV Product recommendation

Shenzhen Sinoken Technology Co., ltd / 2018-05-11

The voltage range of the TPS3808xxx microprocessor series management circuit monitoring system is 0.4 V - 5 V. When the induction voltage drops one percentage point or the hand control reset pin drops to the ground logical potential, the collector open circuit reset signal is formed. The induction voltage and manual reset reset to their respective thresholds, and the reset output for the user to adjust the delay time remains low. TPS3808 uses precision reference to achieve 0.5% threshold accuracy, VIT less than 3.3V. By disconnecting the CT pin, the reset delay time can be set to 20 milliseconds. A resistor is used to connect the CT pin and VDD. The delay time can be set to 300 milliseconds. The CT pin is connected to the external capacitor. The delay time can be adjusted to 1.25 milliseconds to 10 seconds. TPS3808 no signal current can be as low as 2.4mA, so battery powered products. It can be used in small SOT23 or very small 2mm * 2mm QFN QFN and 2mm package. The operating temperature range is -40 C to + 125 C (TJ).