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AD9268 is a dual - channel, 16 - bit, 125 - MSPS analog - to - digital converter (ADC) designed to support high performance, low cost, small size and versatile communications applications.


The dual channel ADC core uses a multilevel, differential pipeline architecture and integrates output error correction logic. Each ADC has a wide bandwidth, differential sample and hold analog input amplifier, which supports a wide range of user selectable input ranges. The integrated reference voltage source can be simplified to design. The duty ratio stabilizer can be used to compensate for the fluctuation of duty cycle of the ADC clock, so that the converter maintains excellent performance.


ADC output data can be directly routed to two external 16 bit output ports, which can be set to 1.8 V CMOS or LVDS.


Flexible power saving options can significantly reduce power consumption when needed.


Setup and control programming is accomplished by using the three wire SPI compatible serial interface.


The AD9268 is in 64 pin LFCSP package, with rated temperature range of & amp; C, and 40 degree C to C C industrial temperature range.


Product focus


Jitter option improves SFDR performance through low-power analog input.

The proprietary differential input still maintains excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance at the input frequency of up to 300 MHz.

A 1.8 V single power supply is used, while the digital output driver uses an independent power supply to support 1.8 V CMOS or LVDS output.

Standard serial port interface (SPI) supports a variety of product features and functions, such as data formatting (offset binary, binary complement or gray code), clock DCS enable, power saving mode, test mode, and reference voltage mode.

Compatible with AD9258 pins, 16 bit products can easily migrate to 14 bit products.  AD9268 is also pin compatible with low sampling rate, low power consumption applications of AD9251, AD9231 and AD9204 products (scheduled for release in May 2009).



Signal communication

Diversity radio system

Multimode digital receiver (3G)



I/Q demodulation system

Smart antenna system

General software radio

Broadband data application

Ultrasonic equipment