Shenzhen Sinoken Technology Co., ltd is an independent distributor providing a wide selection of consumer and industrial electronic components. We devoted to serve the inside customers with the best products and advanced solutions. All parts we provided are new and original, imported from occidental OEM factory or authorized distributors. Procedures and cost have been greatly reduced. This makes our quality superb and our price competitive. Same time, we signed payment terms NET-30days with the biggest electronic authorized distributors Avnet and Arrow, allowing us the prompt delivery. We also cooperated with the well-known stocking distributors in the world, serving the customers with military, obsolete and hard to find parts. Thanks to our excellent team’s long time hard working, no matter the mature or the discontinued products, we have overall system support. Our team composed of the international purchasers, consumer electronics sales, and industrial controls sales.

Products we sell

Consumer electronics: including amplifier, comparator, ADC, DAC, DSP, Power supply, sensor, audio/video, and connectors; Main brands: AD、TI、ST、IR、ALTERA、XILINX、ON、TE etc.

Products applied to: Instruments, vehicles, metro, railway, mechanical, medical, security, telecommunications, military and aviation etc.

Our CRM (customer relationship management) can timely follow up every deal, helping customer with stock reservation and cost down processing. Looking forward to a win-win and reliable cooperation? Please contact us now!