Genuine parts guaranteed:
SZ Sinoken Technology Co.,Ltd cooperated with China Electronic Component Center Laboratory(CECCLab), having all products quality and reliability tested, 100% genuine parts guaranteed.

Quality control process
1.  Checking full part number and Mfg.;
2.  Only sourcing from reliable and qualified suppliers;
Remarks: Every supplier must strictly meet our requirments as below:
① Supplier risk rating(including supplier's working place, company's size, capability of order process etc.)
②Supplier delivery performance rating.

Parts pick-up inspection
  External inspection
1.  Packaging inspection(including label details of the outer box, original label of the product, date code, qty etc.)
2. Appearance check( including parts integrity?oxidation?pins/balls losing?dual marking? reballed ?resoldered? etc.)
3. Checking on supplier’s shipping lits(including COC, QC reports, datasheets,Pb-free? )
4.   Making sure parts are new and original.

Instrument inspection
1. Functional and electrical testing at ambient temperature (25℃); including:
  · Contact test
  · Power test
  · Input leakage test
  · Output level test
  · Full dynamic parameter test
  ·  Full functional testing
  · Analog signal parameter test
2.  High / low temperature performance test can be carried out according to need once normal temperature test is passed;
3.  To ensure parts work with long-term stability,sample testing will be applied for further electrical analysis

Storage and delivery
1.  Comply with "first-in first-out " policy;
2. Advanced warehouse hardware(antistatic, dust-free,temperature and humidity control)
3.  Strictly abide by  ISO9001 

Packing details
1.  Vacuum packed
2. Electrostatic protected, high temperature and humidity protected;
1.  Cooperate with reliable and qualified carrier partners;
2.  Traceability via transportation.

  After-sale service
1.  Confirm that customer has received parts;
2.  Confirm that parts has passed customer quality inspection;
3.  After sales follow-up ;
4.  Parts can be returned and replaced of any quality issue within 30 days warranty;
5.   Cooperate with third party testing house for technical support.